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Stretching and Weight Training

Share this…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinRedditPre-Training Stretches Can stretching before training reduce gains in muscle size and strength? Until recently, pre-exercise stretches was a mandatory ritual. That changed when many studies showed that static… Read more »


Gluten-Free Diet?

Share this…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinRedditIs the Gluten-free diet the fad of the week? The gluten-free diet is this week’s health fad.Becoming so popular with celebrities, like Russell Crow, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian…. Read more »

training and aerobics

Exercise and Heart Attacks

Share this…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinRedditExercise Improves Survival After a Heart Attack- Regular aerobic exercise reduces the risk of coronary artery disease and death from heart attack and cardiac arrest. A Copenhagen City Heart… Read more »


Weight Training Tips

Share this…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinRedditWeight Training – Supplementing Before Bed Weight training plus protein or muscle building supplements before bed maximizes muscle protein synthesis. Consuming muscle building supplements or 30 to 50 gram… Read more »