Fat-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Fat is good don’t get rid of it, unless you are at risk of a heart attack fat is good for you. It’s useful isolation, cholesterol keeps our cells from becoming stiff when cold, it’s an emergency food supply and increases the life span of cells.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate “healthy fat” into your daily diet. The phrase “healthy fat” usually refers to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. What makes them healthy?  Among other heart-health benefits, they help reduce LDL cholesterol, the kind that clogs your arteries. Research also shows they can benefit insulin and blood sugar levels, decreasing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Some of the best food sources for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are:

  • Avocados
  • Walnuts and other nuts like pine nuts and almonds
  • Olives
  • Olive oil
  • Ground Flaxseed
  • Salmon

However I would advise to add working out to daily routine as well. Training is good in the way that it uses more energy and builds muscles but doesn’t effect fat content as much as you would think, all it does is make it look smaller by comparison in normal (sized) people.

It is best to focus on exercises that will help you burn fat.  A good work out would be one that includes a full body work out and cardio. You can increase reps and weight as the weeks progress.

One last thing is adding weight loss supplements to your daily routine. These can help you shed unwanted fat and increase your energy. Some supplements, like Muscle Labs USA XenaClen, will also aid in helping you gain lean muscle. Fat burning supplements like this are something you can take daily.

When you start to change your eating habits and add in exercise, it is amazing how your body transforms.  Adding in the weight loss supplement, you will be on your way to the body you always wanted.

Help Your Body Fight Fat!

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Have you been working out like a maniac lately without any significant results? Been strictly dieting without giving in to treats but still you just don’t have that six-pack of abs you really want and deserve? Well, time to figure out the reasons why your body is fighting you!

Best Fat Burning Supplement

Winstrol -WinsdrolV by Muscle Labs USA is a muscle enhancing supplement to help you get the body you deserve.

This weight loss supplement that is reputed to possess highly stimulating properties. High quality muscle gains are reported with as little as 1-2 capsules taken before workout, during a cycle. The addition of a potent chemical to the composite has been shown to allow for absorption through the mouth, therefore allowing a high percentage of the active ingredients to the bypass digestion. This highly bio-available mixture is extremely fast acting producing a surge of energy in most users. This body building supplement has been formulated to increase lean muscle and reduce water retention giving you more deeply defined muscles. Get the results you want; lean muscular definition and incredible strength.

By adding Winstrol -WinsdrolV to your routine, you will achieve the body you crave. While supplementing this diet pill product with a high protein diet and intense training, you will see results in a few weeks.

Choose protein sources that are nutrient-rich and lower in saturated fat and calories, such as:

  • Lean meats
  • Seafood
  • Beans
  • Soy
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds

When choosing protein to eat, try to remember to make good choices, for instance, baked salmon is a better choice than fried fish.

Adding a cardio routine is also ideal for weight loss. Fit in at least 20 minutes a day. Keep it simple at first, as time progresses, you can add minutes and intensity. You will be on your way to the best body in no time.

Rich Piana’s EX Wife Now Using His Last Name on Instagram


RIP Rich Piana

RIP Rich Piana. Rich Piana’s estranged ex wife is now using his LAST NAME on Instagram. In the wake of his passing I feel that this is very disrespectful.

She also states in her latest Instagram post that they are still legally married. But in a video Rich uploaded a year ago he says he had the marriage annuled.

Extreme bodybuilder, Rich Piana 46,passed away last week due to injury from a fall. Many speculate steroids caused his death. Placed in a medically induced come for two weeks before his death.

The athlete had a 27-year history of admitted steroid use — once saying that it’s necessary to juice if one to become a professional bodybuilder. His passing is shocking anyway. Maybe it’s because Keith Richards types—people who defy the odds of their lifestyle to outlive those who do boring stuff like jog and eat boiled chicken breast—are so lionized. The few pickled humans who roll lucky on the longevity odds get so much attention that the mean outcome can be shocking.

In every video, Piana would tell the viewer his true fears, inadequacies, and struggles. He had as much tough-guy bravado as any tattooed sphere of muscle in Southern California, but unlike them, he would look directly at the camera and say that he wished he had someone else’s body or that he felt like a child training next to a particular person. Often, he’d say something that was explicitly ridiculous, but you could tell it was part of a gnawing anxiety.

Estranged from Sara Piana for awhile now. Many speculating she’s trying to cash in on Rich Piana name and businesses for her own wealth.

Mayweather VS McGregor Highlights

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Mayweather vs McGregor fight results:Money wins via 10th-round TKO!

In the end, the equation we all knew coming in turned out to be true: The best boxer in the world beat one of the best mixed martial artists in a boxing match. Mayweather vs McGregor fight completely amazing to watch!

How we got there, however, was completely surprising.

Bulk up! DBOL by Muscle Labs USA

In his return from a two-year retirement, Floyd Mayweather improved to 50-0 with a 10th-round TKO over an incredibly game Conor McGregor in their pay-per-view superfight at T-Mobile Arena. But the storyline was just as much about McGregor, the UFC lightweight champion, in defeat than it was about the 40-year-old Mayweather in victory. Many MMA fighters and boxers use legal steroids getting battle ready. Whether bulking up or cutting down-legal steroids helps these athletes.

McGregor, 29, who was making his debut as a boxer, never fought recklessly or overly aggressively, in contrast to his prediction of a first-round knockout. Presenting Mayweather with a poised and credible challenge, teasing a bright future in the boxing game should he consider it.

In the end, McGregor never fought too far outside of boxing rules. Which many had expected he would try once things got bad. Byrd gave both fighters a lengthy warning during the final seconds before the opening bell. And consistent in the amount of time he gave both fighters to work in the clinch before breaking them up. Byrd warned McGregor for rabbit punching twice — and both fighters for pushing — but never in a position where a deduction needed.

Testosterone1-Test Booster by Muscle Labs USA

For all of the pre-fight predictions about McGregor struggling as a novice. The MMA star showed good technique and an overall respect for the sweet science. He also forced Mayweather to fight and avoided a one-sided performance in defeat that nearly all critics predicted.

“I thought I took the early rounds pretty easy,” McGregor said. “He’s composed. He’s not that fast, he’s not that powerful, but boy, is he composed.

“I turned [Mayweather] into a Mexican tonight. He fought like a Mexican.”

 Mayweather, in his first fight since outpointing Andre Berto in September 2015. Eclipsing the revered 49-0 mark of Rocky Marciano, who retired as unbeaten heavyweight champion.

“A win is a win, no matter how you get it,” Mayweather said. “Rocky Marciano is a legend, and I look forward to going into the Hall of Fame one day.

“This was my last fight tonight. For sure. Tonight was my last fight.”

Could the Fight of the Year be Cancelled?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Conor McGregor- Mayweather VS McGregor !  Officially canceled?!?! Floyd untilized a clause, written into his contract by his lawyers that allowed him to back out of the fight at anytime given certain circumstances. The verbal punches that took place at the press conferences will be the only punches these two will throw at each other. The reason may surprise you.

Floyd, who has been known for questioning the ethics of his opponents’ training camps (like when he wouldn’t fight Manny Pacquiao because Manny refused to take a blood and urine test before thef ight), has pulled the same card against McGregor. A few of ‘The Money Team’ crew had heard through the grapevine. That Conor had been using rare combination of supplements. Throughout camp in order to be in peak fighting condition. Once Floyd heard about the rumors he had his lawyers request an immediate drug test.

Conor reluctantly agreed to the test, knowing if he didn’t the fight would be off anyway. It turns out the rumors were true and that Conor had been using a rare and effective combination of supplements. Floyd immediately called off the fight, but the catch is the supplements are legal!

Legal Steroids give athletes the perfect kick. Supplements for building muscles or supplements for shreddinglegal steroids have you in the best shape of your life. While used by bodybuilders, weight lifters, MMA fighters and boxers. Furthermore, with steroid Alternatives, no harmful side effects and are 100% legal in USA.

Bodybuilder Rich Piana Has Died

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ELITE bodybuilder Rich Piana has died. According to his estranged wife who said she was “in tears” as she paid a touching tribute to her ex.

Fellow bodybuilders and fans had been spoken of their shock this morning. Amid previously unconfirmed reports Piana had died, after spending more than two weeks in a coma following a possible overdose.

Rich reportedly collapsed as his girlfriend Chanel Jansen cut his hair earlier this month. The social media star, placed into an induced coma after suffering “a medical emergency”, TMZ Sports reported. Law enforcement sources told the celebrity news website. “Emergency personnel responded to a possible overdose call at Piana’s home on Monday afternoon”.  His girlfriend tried to catch him when he collapsed in the bathroom. While unable, due to his giant size.

According to TMZ, she was instructed by the 911 operator to perform CPR on the former bodybuilding champ. Unable to revive him. Police later revealed they found bottles of testosterone and white powder in the house. Chanel admitted to responders that he had been juicing for more than 20 years. Last week Chanel, forced to respond to earlier rumours that Rich had died.

She posted a picture of the pair on instagram with the caption: “I just want to be clear [Piana] is STILL ALIVE. All myself and his family are asking for is positive thoughts, prayers, and love.”
Piana, who has competed in and won several bodybuilding competitions over the years. Making headlines last year when he openly admitted to taking steroids. He revealed his fitness regime consists of a massive steroid cycle. Nine meals a day, a series of workouts not fit for the average human being. According to one profile, “protein shakes big enough to drown a toddler in”. Piana explained how he takes great care with his steroids use. Understanding the importance of “on/off cycles”.  Believing nobody in the competitive bodybuilding industry can compete without using performance enhancing drugs.

He said: “If you have the choice to stay natural or do steroids, stay natural. There’s no reason to do steroids, you’re only hurting your body, you’re hurting yourself.  “If you want to become a professional bodybuilder, guess what – you’re probably going to have to f***in’ do ‘em. You’re not going to have a choice”.  The winner of bodybuilding competitions in Los Angeles in 2003 and Sacramento in 2009. Piana said the secret to his success was his honesty. He said: “Coming out, talking about steroids, just being straight up with people. I think people trust me.” While Rich Piana was completely honest, alternatives to steroids work well also. Legal steroids are safe not toxic to your system.

Piana has taken the internet by storm in recent years. While his ripped social media posts, work out plans and supplement business.

While Rich no longer competed in bodybuilding competitions. Having a massive following online with more than 1.2million followers on Instagram. Whom he inspired to push their bodies to greater feats. Keen to capitalise on his large fan base, he had launched several business ventures along the way. Earning money through merchandise, supplements and endorsements. In 2016, he launched a “bigger by the day” challenge. While promising fans they would gain 30lb of muscle if they followed his diet and workout routine.

RIP Rich, you’ll be missed.

Steroids Not Cause of Bodybuilders Death

Famous and renowned bodybuilder, Dallas McCarver has died at the age of 26. Officers responded to a 911 call at the bodybuilder’s residence in Boca Roton, Florida, just after midnight on August 21. No foul play is suspected at this time and police are now awaiting the medical examiner’s report,

It appears he may of choked on food causing Dallas McCarver death.

Dallas McCarver, known as “Big Country” burst into the bodybuilding scene when he was 21 in the summer of 2012.  At the IFBB North American Championships in Pittsburgh. Becoming the youngest overall national champ in the history of bodybuilding. (That record fell three years later to Cody Montgomery) At 242 pounds, Dallas was a diamond in the rough. Spending his time toiling away, building muscles at the gym. Ready to smash his IFBB debut at the 2015 California Pro at 260 pounds. By the time he stepped onstage at his first Mr. Olympia that fall, Dallas was 272 pounds! Continuing to grow, by 2016 Mr. Olympia McCarver was 284 pounds and found his way into the coveted top 10, placing eighth. Back in March 2017, he collapsed on stage due to bronchitis.

Dallas “Big Country” McCarver-Passed away at age 26 Aug. 2017

Dana Brooke, WWE Superstar posted on Instagram just hours before his death, “Someone who day in and day out is helping and giving so much to so many people,” she said of her beau in the photo’s caption. “[McCarver] is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.”

Big on social media , one of Dallas McCarver’s quotes- “They say they are fans or critics, but really are usually people who couldn’t make it and want to shit on someones else’s day. Someone who is going after what they want to achieve. It’s not easy, but you have to learn to not let any of that get to you.” Dallas “Big Country” McCarver– you will be missed. RIP

Legal Steroids and Age

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The 35-year old fitness pro intentionally looks twice his age!

Most people are trying to reverse the aging process, not dive head first into it! Many people use anti-aging creams, testosterone boosters, legal steroid and many more products to stop father time. Then there is fitness star, Pawel Ladziak. He is a 35 year old Polish fitness star. Having an impressive Instagram following, and surprisingly, it’s not for his ripped body.

legals-steroidsInstead, Ladziak entertains his almost 400,000 followers with clever use of white hair coloring. That’s right-he deliberately wants to look twice his age and has found that social media has responded to the images of a white haired man flexing his muscles in the gym.

Ladziak’s followers, constantly astounded by the fitness fanatic, asking how old he is. Some convinced he is in his 60’s and do not believe he is really 35. The personal trainer, who is also known as the “Polish Viking” . Advised Polish site, Wirtualna Polsa that he first colored his hair white after he began going gray years ago. Not wanting to do the salt and pepper thing, he speed up the aging process and go full on white.

Achieving a body like this is simple. No matter what your age. Adding legal steroid supplements to build muscle or lose fat will help you get to the body you desire.


Top 10 Bodybuilding Physiques In History.

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Who Was The Best Bodybuilder Who Ever Lived ?

best bodybuilders

Who the best bodybuilder of all time is might be a matter of opinion. Here are the best top ten bodybuilders who ever walked the stage.

Maybe you want to be the next bodybuilder on this list ? Ok, maybe you are just new to fitness and want to improve your physique. Take a moment to read below for some  very basic tips and advice on how you can stay motivated. Get out there and grab some quality bodybuilding supplements, and get ready to pack on the muscle mass !

steroidsOne of the biggest problems a newbie bodybuilder faces is determining how much to train. When starting a bodybuilding program, after never exercised with weights before, the body generally responds relatively fast. The new bodybuilder sees  gains in muscle size and a firming of the body within the first few weeks and this encourages them to train harder.

This is where the problems start to begin. After the initial burst of muscle development, the body will begin to plateau for a while, and increasing the training will only lead to a case of over training. Over training occurs when the muscles haven’t had sufficient time for recovery.

Muscles subject to weight training, the main process of development occurs during the recovery period when the muscle cells  rebuilt, to cope with the increased demands of the weight lifting. It is during this ‘rebuilding’ process that the muscles become bigger, and without sufficient recovery the muscles won’t have time to rebuild the cells.

Muscle Growth

legal steroidsThis leads to the muscle getting over worked and growth is stunted. Without the correct knowledge, the newbie bodybuilder thinks that they need to train even harder to maintain the gains that they were seeing in the initial stages of their weight lifting program. Thus begins the downward spiral of more and more over training, and the resultant lack of muscle growth and fatigue.

With correct guidance the bodybuilder will be able to see when they are getting into a state of over training. Allowing themselves a little more time to recover. This might involve having a few days rest from exercise, or more rest days between training sessions. Alternatively, the over trained bodybuilder might need to reduce the amount of weights lifted during a training session or even increase their amount of anabolic supplements.

Reducing the intensity of the training helps eliminate the possibility of injury. While other health related problems as the body’s immune system put under stress.

People who are just beginning bodybuilding for the first time need to be made aware of this process before they start training so they can plan their weight lifting program in such a manner that they will continue to see gains in muscle size and fitness and reduce the possibility of the plateau periods where they appear to be making little or no progress.

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bodybuilding supplements


Testosterone Boosting and Building Muscle.

Testosterone is at the  the base of a man’s chemistry make up. It is espacially important if you are bodybuilding. If you’re testosterone levels have dropped and you now suffer from “Low-T”, muscle building and fat loss can be a real problem. The good news, there are a few ways to resolve the issue and get you back on track.

The interesting thing is that “normal levels” of testosterone can range from 348ng/dl – 1197ng/dl. This means that some men can naturally produce 3x more testosterone and still be considered normal. If you are interested in fitness, you need to be on the high end of that range… and here’s HOW:

Tip 1.) SLEEP! A lack of quality sleep can dramatically diminish the amount of testosterone your body produces, thereby reducing muscle growth and fat loss! Research has demonstrated that the amount of sleep you get is associated with morning testosterone levels. Researchers at the University of Chicago recorded the sleeping patterns of healthy men and found that participants’ testosterone levels increased the longer they slept… I recommend 7-9 hours of sleep per night to optimize the testosterone response.

Tip 2.) Lose the excess body fat: Use a fat burner like Clenbuterall™ or testosterone booster. As your waist size goes up, your testosterone goes down. The more fat you have on you body the more armotrase you produce, which will causes your body to convert testosterone into estrogen.

fat burning pills

Tip 3.) Don’t completely avoid cholesterol: Testosterone is derived from cholesterol, so it should come as no surprise that if your diet is lacking in cholesterol, you’re also more than likely shortchanging yourself when it comes to the muscle-building hormone… Try incorporating small portions of lean red meat, whole eggs or seafood like shrimp or lobster

Tip 4.) Add Multi-Joint movements to your workout routine: Essentially, the more muscle mass you stimulate, the more testosterone you’ll secrete. A recent study conducted on trained subjects showed that squats stimulated a greater testosterone response when compared to leg presses. Stick with multi-joint exercises like squats, bench presses, and dead lifts—as they are prime examples of the kinds of compound lifts that’ll help significantly jack up your testosterone levels!

Tip 5.) Limit Your Alcohol intake: Happy hour can wreak havoc on your manly hormones. In a recent Dutch study, men who drank moderate amounts of alcohol daily for 3 weeks experienced a 7 percent decrease in their testosterone levels. Limit your drinking to one or two glasses of beer or wine a night to avoid a drop in testosterone.

Here’s the 7 foods that boost testosterone:

– Steak
– Eggs
– Oysters
– Nuts
– Avocados
– Garlic
– Green Vegetables

testosterone boosters

One question I am continually asked is, “Is it possible to lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time?” My answer is always YES !

First of all, to build muscle, you must constantly overload the muscles in the gym. Heavy training is of utmost importance. Even when you are on a calorie-deprived diet to lose body fat, you must be mentally tough and continue to train heavily to preserve-and even build-muscle mass. And, as I’ve discussed several times already, back up heavy training by eating high-quality protein on a consistent basis and implementing a muscle building supplement.

To lose body fat and still gain muscle, you must really watch your diet closely. Keep your daily caloric intake below your maintenance level. When you reduce your calories, be sure to keep your diet high in quality protein. Most of your calories should come from your carbohydrate consumption. Of course, watch your fat intake. There are also many powerful fat burning pills that can really contribute to your fat loss regimen.

Here is how I suggest you manipulate your carbohydrate consumption: For a couple of days, eat only vegetables for carbohydrates then go back to grains like rice, potatoes, and pasta for a couple of days. Rotate in this manner and see how quickly you start melting the fat. Because carbohydrates give you energy, this may become difficult at times. Nevertheless, it is a very effective strategy.

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